All coffee roasters have to operate close to the autoignition temperature of chaff and coffee beans.  Constant careful operation is absolutely essential to avoid fires.  You should never leave a coffee roaster unattended when in operation.   You should roast in a location where a fire can be managed and suitable fire fighting equipment should always be on hand.

If you intend to use RoastLogger to control your roaster you should understand that computers, software and serial communication can not be relied upon to ensure safety in all circumstances so you must be in attendance to take manual control if and when necessary.

Neither T Coxon nor any other persons or companies that may have been involved in the development, testing or documentation of RoastLogger may be held liable for any damages resulting in part or whole from the installation or use of RoastLogger.

By installing or using RoastLogger you are accepting any and all risks associated with its installation and use.

If you do not fully understand or fully accept all aspect of this disclaimer then you should not download, install or use RoastLogger.