RoastLogger User Manual by Randy Glass - Version 1.2.2

Randy Glass** has kindly updated the RoastLogger user manual to include all updates (except the experimental PID) to the RoastLogger up to May 2013.  The update also includes an appendix on troubleshooting common issues and a clearer explanation of the tips for fine tuning of action settings for computer control.
RL Manual

The manual covers installation, initial setup and use of RoastLogger for all input devices and is in PDF format.  It can be viewed online by clicking on the icon on the left.  You can save a copy to your hard drive from your browser or right click on the icon and select "save as".

The manual also includes information on working with the new HT Roaster Interface Devices to achieve computer control of a Hottop.  Please click the introduction link on the left for further information on these devices.
** Randy Glass of fame, the author of the Hottop manuals and the author of the Vibiemme DS and DD manuals for the US market.


Use of RoastLogger is at your own risk.  No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied.  Please read the RoastLogger disclaimer including important safety information before downloading, installing or using RoastLogger.


First please ensure that you have the Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or above installed.   See Introduction (link on left) for more information.

Please review the RoastLogger user guide by Randy Glass (above) for full information on installation, initial setup and use of RoastLogger.

Expand the distribution compressed archive to a suitable location, your user home or documents folder would be suitable.  For Windows the program should NOT be installed in the Windows or Program Files folders.  Run the RoastLogger.jar to run the program.

Linux users need to take additional steps to set permissions correctly on a new installation.  Please see the troubleshooting information section 2. for further information on installation on Linux.  These steps are only necessary on a new installation.  If updating automatically via menu Help > Update RoastLogger the permissions will be set automatically.


From version 2.0.6 16/12/2013 you can update to the latest version automatically.  From the RoastLogger menu select Help > Update RoastLogger.   The RoastLogger-Updater will start.  See using the RoastLogger-Updater For details  and the post dated 16/12/2013 on the RoastLogger thread on TMC.

You can also update manually and can safely extract the RoastLogger directly over a previous installation.  If you do this it will use all your previous settings from the earlier version.  You can also extract it to a new location.  In this case if you wish to use your previous settings and notes just copy the following four files from the earlier installation to the new installation:

  • RoastLoggerNotes.txt
  • RoastLoggerTemplate.txt


Delete all files in the installation folder and any created shortcut/desktop icon.

Unauthorised distribution of RoastLogger

I would like to make it clear to all RoastLogger users that the ONLY official downloads of RoastLogger are provided by the download link on this webpage or the automatic updater built into RoastLogger.  ANY other download link will be to an unauthorised and probably modified version of the software.  If you have been provided with any other link to download RoastLogger or have been supplied directly with any copy of RoastLogger please let me know by email.  I will do my best to help anyone who does contact me to continue to use RoastLogger with their roaster.  My email address is provided on the Feedback page.


If you have any problems with RoastLogger please let me know by email.

Download RoastLogger version 2.4.0 - 25/6/2016

Includes a new version 1.3 of the Updater see updates page for details.

(Click to download then extract files as described in Installation section above.)
Operating system
Size MB Windows, OS X or Linux

Download Arduino sketches for use with Arduino or TC4C

(Click to download then use the Arduino environment to compile and load onto Arduino or TC4C)
Arduino sketch (including required libraries)
Arduino IDE
RoastLoggerTC4  Adds AC fan control   Compiling this version
1.6.6 or above
TC4C or Arduino+TC4
RoastLoggerTC4  Default version control of heater and DC fan
TC4C or Arduino+TC4
Max 6675 chips
Max 31855 chips

Download precompiled sketches for use with RL-HT-CTRL board

(Right click the file, select "save linked file to" then use Teensy Loader to load onto Teensy.  See detailed instructions.)
Output C/F
T/C type
RS232 Serial
RS232 Serial