Help file

The RoastLogger includes a help file available from the Help > Contents menu.  The help file included with RoastLogger version 2.1.5 - 24/8/2014 has been converted into a PDF document and is available for viewing online.  Click the link or the image below to view online or right click and select "save as" to save a copy to your computer.  You can print a copy for your own use if you wish.

This PDF help file is intended to be viewed in your web browser or by Adobe Reader. You should see a view with two panes the left pane showing the table of contents (bookmarks) such as the following
If you do not see the left pane with the table of contents ensure that your browser is using the Adobe Reader plugin. Most browsers will already be using it. On Google Chrome it may be necessary to disable the Google PDF viewer plugin and enable the Adobe Reader plugin. Alternatively you can download the PDF file and view it locally in Adobe Reader.