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This website will be closing at the end of May 2019.  Please download any information you may need before that date.

Thank you for your interest in RoastLogger.  This program is copyright 2009-2016 Tom Coxon (GreenBean at TMC ) and is distributed "as is".  Coffee enthusiasts may download and use this program free of charge.  See the Licence section of the RoastLogger help file for more information.

Use of RoastLogger is at your own risk.  No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied.  Please read the RoastLogger disclaimer including important safety information before downloading, installing or using RoastLogger.

                      controlling Hottop via TC4
Controlling a Hottop via TC4 (click for larger image)
RoastLogger can log and chart coffee roasts in real time as the roast progresses and, with suitable hardware, can also provide computer control of your roaster.

Any previously saved profile can be used as a template for the next roast.

Temperature inputs can be provided by a selection of input devices, see the Input devices section for details.  Computer control requires additional hardware to interface with your roasters heater and fan, see the Overview section for details. 

For further information or to download click the links on the left and see the post on Too Much Coffee Too Much Coffee .

Computer control of a Hottop  D, B or P

Would you like a computer controlled Hottop coffee roaster?  Hottop model D, B or P roasters can now be converted to a computer controlled roaster.  The conversion involves the installation of a HTRI board**  and connecting everything up by plugging in standard Hottop control cables and a USB cable.

Randy Glass has produced an excellent and comprehensive user guide for the HT Roaster Interface Device and has updated the RoastLogger manual to include working with the HT Roaster Interface Device which can be viewed or downloaded from the link below.  Further information is available here.   Please review the disclaimer included in this link and ensure that you have the required skills before attempting the conversion.

All users of HTRI boards** should read this important advice note on issues that can cause an unexpected shutdown on susceptible Hottops.

** HTRI boards can be HTC+TC4C, HTShield+TC4 or RL-HT-CTRL

  RoastLogger User Manual by Randy Glass - Version 1.2.2

Randy Glass** has kindly updated his RoastLogger user manual to include all changes (except the experimental PID) to the RoastLogger up to May 2013.  The update also includes an appendix on troubleshooting common issues and a clearer explanation of the tips for fine tuning of action settings for computer control.
RL Manual

The manual covers installation, initial setup and use of RoastLogger for all input devices and is in PDF format.  It can be viewed online by clicking on the icon on the left.  You can save a copy to your hard drive from your browser or right click on the icon and select "save as".

The manual also includes information on working with the HT Roaster Interface Devices to achieve computer control mentioned above.
** Randy Glass of fame, the author of the Hottop manuals and the author of the Vibiemme DS and DD manuals for the US market.

Multi - platform:

RoastLogger will work on computers with x86/x64 based processors (Intel/AMD)  running any of the following operating systems, either 32 or 64 bit, provided only that a version of The Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 6  or above is installed.  This is free to download and use and is currently available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Linux
  • Solaris (not tested) 
  • Apple Mac OS X - 64 bit Intel based Macs only not PowerPC.

Test the version of Java on your system: Java Test

Download Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or above for your system: Java Download...