Click on thumbnails for larger images.  The program uses the local operating system look and feel.  These screenshots show the program running on OS X.

Please see the posts on Too Much Coffee here for more screenshots and information on setting up and using this program.

Roastlogger controlling Hottop via TC4
RoastLogger controlling a Hottop via TC4
Help file
Help file
Chart tab
Chart showing profile compared to template with RoR curve in centre and heater and fan settings at bottom
Any chart can be saved as a .png file in various sizes (full size, 800 wide or 600 wide)
Tooltips indicate precise time and value for all curves (two tooltips shown as examples)
The charting of heater and fan settings can be turned off via the menu
DMM tab
Reading a Victor 86 C multimeter via USB cable
Logger tab
Logger can be set to log at 5 to 60 secs, interval
Template tab
Any previous profile can be selected as template
Up to 16 alarms can be set as shown
Log File
Cut down log file showing main roast stages
Hottop B logging via OCR
Logging/charting a Hottop B roast via OCR
Screen layout for logging via OCR
Screen layout for logging via OCR
OCR tab
OCR capture and processing of the webcam image
OCR engine
OCR engine reading processed image