Loading Arduino/TC4C sketches

Loading sketches (firmware) onto an Arduino or TC4C

An Arduino or TC4C needs to have a suitable RoastLogger sketch loaded before it can communicate with the RoastLogger.  Various sketches to interface to different hardware are available on the RoastLogger Downloads webpage

Most people using a TC4C order it already loaded with a sketch by the supplier and do not, therefore, need to read or follow any of the information on this page unless they wish to change the originally loaded sketch for some reason.  People using an Arduino with or without a TC4 need to load the relevant sketch to interface with their hardware.

User JackH on Homeroaster.org  has written an excellent guide to loading the RoastLoggerTC4 sketch onto an Arduino or TC4C and has kindly given permission for it to be made available here.   Whilst this guide is specific to the RoastLoggerTC4 sketch and the Windows operating system it will provide valuable guidance to anyone considering loading any RoastLogger sketch onto an Arduino or TC4C. 

The RoastLoggerTC4 sketch version 3.3 has been modified, and the included libraries updated, to compile under Arduino IDE version 1.6.6.  It is strongly recommended that the sketch is compiled under IDE version 1.6.6 or later as all earlier versions of the Arduino IDE contain a bug in the Arduino Wire library that can cause the Arduino to lock up if a glitch occurs on the I2C bus.  The latest version of the required libraries is included with the sketch.  Please ensure that these latest copies are added to your libraries folder to avoid errors on compiling/verifying the sketch.

All other RoastLogger sketches have been tested on Arduino IDE 1.0.6 and should be compiled on this version.  These sketches will not compile correctly on recent versions of the Arduino IDE.